Ms. O’Brien Simpson received her bachelor’s degree from Marquette, University in philosophy.  Her master’s degree was in behavioral science.  Ms. Simpson’s career was spent in the criminal justice system as a forensic psychotherapist and clinical coordinator of the program.

Ms. O’Brien Simpson has had a biography written about her life, and a documentary that aired on the New Television Series for PBS.  She had her own radio show in New York.  Her passion is working for peace and strategies for alleviating poverty.  She plays classical piano and enjoys architectural design.

Nancy writes a weekly column for Pravda, has five children and lives in Cincinnati, Ohio.

We live in a surreal world of intrigue and shifting sands. The United States has morphed into a Deep State, a Security State that monitors every move of its targeted citizens.

International relations, especially with Russia, China, and the Middle East are a virtual powder keg of a potential Armageddon.

Evil triumphs when good men do nothing.

Thank you so very much,